Amazing Adventure


Invest In A Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs. Buy a cheap sleep mask and ear buds. They’ll help you get a better sleep anywhere. Giving you more energy to do what you want and avoid buying extra coffees/energy drinks to get you through the day.

Learn Some Of The Local Language. Hello, how are you? Please and thank you. Even counting 1-10. That’s all you need to learn to be ahead of most travellers. These small tidbits can lead to lots of interesting conversations and once a tiny relationship has been built, locals are more likely to help you out.

Plan Around Major Sporting Events & Celebrations. Major sporting events and celebrations bring tens of thousands of people from around the world together for anything from a few days to two months. Demand for accommodations soars and hotels can charge much higher prices. Do a quick search for your destination and plan around any conflicts.

Consider Packing Carry-On Baggage Only. It’s no secret baggage fees generate plenty of revenue for airlines. It takes some discipline, but travelling with carry-on baggage only is an easy way to save lots of money travelling. Overpacking is very common, and usually, a couple of key clothing items are sufficient.