Dental Insurance 101


What are the top 3 factors you consider when selecting your dentist?

1) Trust/Comfort

2) Insurance/Affordability

3) Location/Atmosphere


Insurance is one small component of the aggregate factors most important to YOU. So, why do we all let it drive the selection of our dentist for something as important as our dental health care?


Habit. We think we’ve gotta save money, and dental care can get expensive. If we have insurance, and they tell us a Dentist is on that magic in-network list, then they are the dentist we pick. Truthfully, you may still be able to save money in the long run, even out-of-network, with a dental office you can trust. Letting your insurance dictate who you chose as your dentist, may not be the best way for you to find a lasting relationship with a dental office you can trust with your teeth and your dollars.


Think of it this way. Is the place where you take your car for oil changes, car washes and auto-body work selected by your car insurance company? Nope. Or, is the plumber, mechanic or yard maintenance company you use selected by your homeowner’s insurance policy? Again, no. Most of us take it upon ourselves to find the best company suited to our needs when we have this type of work done. Why? Because it is important and we want to consider a number of factors (even if they aren’t the three listed above). There is no question; your oral health is leaps and bounds more important than your car, house or yard.


If a change in your employment, coverage or network has you feeling like you have to pick a different provider, talk to us. Or if you are considering our office, but worry about the possible extra cost of being out-of-network, talk to us. The choice of who you trust for the quality of your care should be yours. Let us build a long-term relationship together. We may even be able to evaluate other factors you might not be aware of (e.g. payment terms, in-house discount plans or financing).